Music of Cuban Bands


Music of a select group of exceptional Cuban bands Boogalu Productions has professionally recorded to provide exposure and help promote.


EL RUSO y SU BANDA from Baracoa

"Soy Hijo De Changó".....timba ~ Eduardo Navarro Toirac

"A Baracoa Me Voy".....son ~ Antonio Machín

"Cuidadito Compay Gallo".....guaracha ~ Ñico Saquito

"El Sabio".....merengue palmichao ~ Tito Rodriguez

"Soy Um Tipo Bolao".....timba ~ Mario Lopez

El Ruso y Su Banda (The Russian and His Band) is an extraordinary group of musicians from an extraordinary place, Baracoa, Cuba. Baracoa is in the eastern region of Cuba, known as Oriente - the home of traditional Cuban music. It is here in the countryside of Oriente where elements of Spanish and African music and dance traditions fused into forms distinctly Cuban.

El Ruso (Eduardo Navarro Toirac) is the driving force behind this remarkable group. Band leader, composer, percussionist and lead singer, El Ruso, while not of Russian descent, got his nickname for his Muscovite good looks, powerful personality and professional attitude (the USSR and Cuba were close allies for almost forty years).

Originally a percussionist on bongo and conga with various groups, El Ruso pulled together the best musicians in the area to form his own band in 1996. Known for their superb sound and high energy, the band is widely acknowledged as the premier group in Baracoa, providing essential musical nourishment to this remote region.


JOSE AQUILES from Santiago

"Camaron".....son ~ José Aquiles

"Desnuda".....cancion ~ José Aquiles

"El Parto".....son ~ José Aquiles

"Será".....bachata ~ José Aquiles

"Zarowsky Blues".....blues ~ José Aquiles

José Aquiles started playing music in 1972 and soon became involved in the Movimiento de la Nueva Trova (New Trova Movement), an important style of music in Cuba that celebrates love as well as the revolution. In 1980 he began his professional career playing in various groups and writing music for theater, ballet, and the cinema, while also entering many music writing competitions.

José has toured extensively in Central and South America, Europe and Russia, and has performed with some great international artists such as Gilberto Gil (Brazil), Pablo Milanes (Cuba), Sonia Silvestre (Dominican Republic), and Augusto Blanca (Cuba). Besides touring, José has released three records of his own music, and is also featured on several Cuban music anthologies.



"La Clave del Changüí ".....changüí ~ Ariel Daudinot B.

"Changüí ~ Ariel Daudinot B.

"Quiriba a Baracoa".....quiriba ~ Ariel Daudinot B.

"Changüí Sucu Sucu" ~ Ariel Daudinot B.

"Mayumbon".....changüí ~ Ariel Daudinot B.

Morenos del Changüí (brown skin people of changüí) are a group of talented musicians who perform the traditional music of Guantánamo. Formed in 1996, "Los Morenos" are known for their exuberant performances and beautiful original music, these songs often adopted by other music groups in the area.

Ariel Dauidinot Brooks is the band leader, lead singer, and principle composer for the group, with the further distinction of having won several competitions for his song writing. Most of the members of the group also perform with "Babul", one of the top folkloric performing troupes in Guantánamo.

The groups rehearse daily in a large space adjacent to the local museum and perform regularly at civic events. Together these two groups form a remarkable collective of musicians, dancers, and artists, who embody and express the full range of music and dance styles unique to Guantánamo.

Changüí is the typical dance music of Guantánamo, a province in eastern Cuba, with a unique history of cultural intermixture. Guantánamo unlike other regions in Cuba, was not primarily established by the Spanish, but by French colonists fleeing the Haitian revolution of 1804. Not as well known as other genres of Cuban music, changüí is related to the son, but different in a number of respects.


GRUPO MALAIKA from Santiago

"El Que Siembra Su Maiz".....son ~ Miguel Matamoros

"Bruca Maniguá".....afro-son ~ Arsenio Rodriguez

"Murmullo".....bolero ~ Electo Rosell

Malaika means "angel" in Swahili and is the name of East Africa's most popular love song. The original Malaika band was named after this song and had an extensive African music repertoire due to the influence of its female lead singer. After touring Europe the group has reorganized and now performs a wide range of modern and traditional Cuban genres including son, bolero, pregón and fusion.

The band now features a new female vocalist, Zulema Iglesias, the soprano saxophone and flute of René Federico, plus two female dancers who enliven their performances. Their new sound blends traditional Cuban music with jazz influences and arrangements to create a truly distictive sound and feeling.