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DANZA BOXEO - sample clip

genre:  Salsa-Casino
video type: 
Instruction & Demonstration
90 Minutes
La Isla De Juventud, Cuba
Boogalu Productions

Dancing inspired by boxing may seem an odd combination, but not so in Cuba where boxing is huge and dancing the national pastime. Young Cuban boxers are trained to be high powered dancers because the most effective winning strategy in boxing is mastering dance moves and body rhythm to avoid being punched by your opponent.

Medina is a gifted Cuban boxer who after years of thought, experimentation, and hard work, has integrated his two great passions, boxing and salsa. Drawing from his extensive training in boxing, he has developed a unique system of dance that has it's own philosophy, technique, style, and beauty. Medina's core philosophy: "Dance from the ground up".

This DVD is for men and women who want to take their salsa-casino dancing and footwork to the next level - solid in the basics, fluid, complex, fast, refined, and super Cubano.
Accompanying Medina is his dance partner Yolaidis Pérez.

Part 1 - Dance Demonstration with Medina and Yolaidis

Part 2 - The Medina Method of Cuban-Salsa
Training Exercises and Routines - 24 segments
• basic steps and leads distinctive to the Medina method
• stepping practice
• developing diagonal action of feet & torso
• steps & turns with partner
• high speed foot patterns including steps inspired by mambo, chachacha, also cross and explosivo
• desplazamiento - changing direction on the dance floor
• hand positions with partner
• dancing with partner using all the elements

Part 3- Special Features
in depth interview with Medina
• Medina shadow boxing and solo dancing
• Medina dancing rumba with his folklore group
• Medina and Yolaidis dancing on the patio

Untitled Document


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